Yem-shui mk III (1)


The Yem-Shui Mk. V Assault Transport is an ancient Chozo vessel, approximately the size of a house. The Baker discovered an ancient Chozo stronghold on a planet they were marooned on. In that stronghold they found the vessel, fully intact and operational. They used it to get back to earth. (EQ:13:1)

Armaments / Abilities:Edit

  • Active Cloaking
  • Chozo Energy Shielding Technology (Impenetrable to anything lesser than nuclear weapons).
  • High-Powered Photon Cannons (Upgraded from Mk. IV)
  • Self-replenishing Seeker Missiles (Upgraded from Mk. IV)
  • 3X Light Speed FTL Drive
  • Life Support
  • Cargo Hold (Upgraded from Mk. IV)
  • Escape pods
  • Larger in size than the Mk. IV

Chapters Seen In:Edit