Throughout the Epic Quest Saga, the B-Team has used multiple forms of transportation, obtaining new ones as old ones are destroyed.


  • The Great Epic Quest
    • Delivery van-ship II: The Baker and Samus bought a new delivery van-ship between the events of the Battle Royale and Epic Quest. It was totaled by turkey.
    • Samus' Gunship: It is unclear which ship this is, but Samus is written as possessing it (EQ:1:18). It is never used; the assumption is that it was destroyed.
    • Yem-Shui Mk. IV: The shiniest of the vessels so far, this is the first of the Team's ships that had a combat role. It, too, was quickly destroyed.
    • The Turbo Bus: An... upgraded? version of the VW Bus.
    • Yem-Shui Mk. V: Found on a Chozo world they were dumped on.