The Waffle
The Waffle
Not to scale. Blueberrybuddies optional.


Richard Murray (ChosenWaffle)


"Gravy Waffle"

Appears in:

The Five Lost Chapters
The Great Epic Quest


Independent (BR2:1:1 – ___)





Extra Abilities:



Very quiet pistol, for shooting small things


Pugsley (uncle)

The Waffle is a waffle of great size. He doesn't show up much, but when he does he does it with a DON. He used to be a moderator, but all he did was pin anything he could find.

Description in EQ:1:1Edit


One of his allies is most likely absent, due to his inability to stay active for more than two weeks, if he exerts himself for more than this period, he will revert to his original form: a waffle of unimaginable power. He was taken from his lofty throne in the sky for using his powers to keep unnecessary words held in the sky, as if pinned to a board in a classroom.

Involvement in The Epic Quest SagaEdit

The Five Lost ChaptersEdit

The Waffle begins the battle by running for more armaments. He is severely injured by Gunlimb, but shoots the injury out of himself with his pistol. He then witnesses the ...Peter...Leslie...

After the situation gets eaten by G-Zilla (then Godzilla) and blasted back out, he goes nuts. His skull, a boomerang, hits G-Zilla in the head.

After sitting out for some time, the Waffle is engulfed in the flaming fury of the weather system that was moving through and is obliterated.

The Great Epic QuestEdit

Few and far between, but OH so major. He tried to save Guitar Hero from being taken by Broccoli Men (EQ:2:14), but failed when he was downed by The Eggman's fart (EQ:2:18). His fall also ended up enveloping The Eggman, causing them both to fall asleep (EQ:2:19). From then on he was more scenery than anything else. He absorbed much of the seas of gravy, and became known as the Gravy Waffle. People bounced on him to move, and he was secretly aroused by this (EQ:3:3).