Movie Screen

Shh... it's starting...

The first major portion of the Battle Royale is written to have taken place inside some kind of twisted film production. The Moviegoer, upon seeing the ilk, throws popcorn at the screen and then leaves (BR:2:14) The concept gave rise to a popular plot device, in which the action cuts to some entirely irrelevant scene involving the Moviegoer, and then cuts back to the aftermath of the completely skipped and crucially important action.

The events of the Movie have absolutely no bearing upon the current state of things, and things that took place in it can be said to have never happened, excluding the memories that the characters have. (For example, the solar system was blown up.)

The MufinMan and Samus exit the "movie dimension" by simply jumping out of the screen (BR:2:20); Raynor goes through a CG'd spectacle to appear in the real world (BR:3:2); Jacen uses hax. Thenceforth they are in the First Universe.