The following is taken from the Interpretive Notes at the beginning of the Book of Epic document:

In Epic Quest lore, the Book of Epic is an enormous manuscript compiled by the B-Team shortly before catalyzing the Great Cataclysm. The three included sections (Ye Olde Battle Royale, The Five Lost Chapters, and The Great Epic Quest) were penned by the B-Team themselves to give an account of their own origins and the reason for the recreation of the current (sometimes referred to as “Neo-“) universe. It chronicles their exploits, from before their very inception to their “final” act of annihilation.

The style of the writing, while in no way similar to any serious work in our own universe, was thought of as the mainstream format of writing by the denizens of the Neo-Universe. Nearly all of their literature reflects this style, and is collaborative and serialized into a sort of “polylogue” of various authors. This is only a small influence of the Book on their society, however.

The B-Team also took great pains to compile all that they wanted the new race of humans to know into the Book of Epic. They included the Holy Christian Scriptures to guide them; many lexicons of all of the most widely used languages of their universe; as many scientific, technological, and agronomic fact and instruction as they had time to compile; and volumes of pastoral guidance concerning governmental structure and economic operation. While they pleaded within the aforementioned volumes for the new race to be at peace with themselves, dogma quickly swept through a majority of humankind, who turned far more than the Christian Bible into scripture. The Zealous followers of the Book organized to form the Epician Nation, and excommunicated any nonbelievers from their domain.