King Enishi Yukishiro
King Yukishiro Enishi
The King in all his glory


Jordan Daniels (King Enishi Yukishiro)


"The King"

Appears in:

Ye Olde Battle Royale
The Great Epic Quest


Independent (BR:1:2 – EQ:10:16)
The B-Team (EQ:10:16 – EQ:13:-)





Extra Abilities:

Power mimic


Sword of a Million Suns



King Enishi Yukishiro is both a user and a character; this article will address the character. He is based off of Yukishiro Enishi, an antagonist of Rurouni Kenshin. He is referred to as a king, which originally had no real meaning. Meaning was later written in by boymonkey130:


King Enishi Yukishiro. (Or "King", for short) is one of the most powerful rulers of the distant future, in which Glumlings rule the world, and he rules the last human civilization. The old city was rumored to have been his birthplace, so the Glumlings came to destroy it. However, he escaped his fate by birthing himself into the past. While he may not be much, his minions followed him, and his two most loyal guards have abilities beyond belief. He can steal the powers of foes that he vanquishes, and his swordsmanship is unequaled.

Nothing is ever said of these "two most loyal guards," so their existence is ignored.

Enishi hates cats (EQ:11:8). His catchphrase is "Read it and Cry."

Involvement in The Epic Quest SagaEdit

Ye Olde Battle RoyaleEdit

The King participated in the Battle Royale, at first confused, but later inflicting random destruction as everyone else did at the time. As most people were, he was not harmed by the absurd amount of damage inflicted on him, surviving being crushed and slingshot'd. He was shortly actually killed by Jacen's zombie powers. (BR:1:9)

After coming back to life, he is killed for some time. He later comes back to life again, and is out for blood (BR:3:8). His words are eaten by Cobalt, as well as his sword Wato. It is vomited into Enishi's shin, and he and Cobalt fight some more (BR:3:11).

After seeing the grossness of Jacen's mother being vomited on his face by The Baker, he cuts ChozoMufin (The Baker's Author) to pieces.