Jacen Solo
Jacen Solo
Registers at 10.7 Gores on the Waffle scale


Nathan Taylor (Jacen Solo)



Appears in:

Ye Olde Battle Royale
The Great Epic Quest
Epic Quest: The Sequel
Epic Quest: The Threequel
Epic Quest IV


Cobalt Metorid (BR:1:5 – BR:1:10))
Independent (BR:1:10 – EQ:1:1)
The B-Team (EQ:1:1 – __)





Extra Abilities:

Force Unicorns




Han Solo (father)
Leia Solo (mother)
Celina Solo (Daughter)
Areia (wife)

Jacen Solo is a Jedi knight borrowed from the Star Wars series. References to his Star Wars-canonical past are made in The Epic Quest Saga, but they bear little importance on the story.

Jacen is a known waffler, and has a physical inability to remain on the same team for more than a page at a time. Although he has betrayed The B-Team countless times, they never seem to really mind welcoming him back, and he is counted as an honorary member of the B-Team despite his lack of fidelity.

Jacen is one of the founding members of the B-Team, along with Guitar Hero, The Baker, and Samus Aran.


Ye Olde Battle RoyaleEdit

Jacen was one of the first to enter the Battle. In the beginning, he did not very much resemble the Jedi he is today, although Star Wars-flavored assaults abound. Apparently, he and Cobalt Metroid were at some point allied, but he very quickly turned on him in his first ever betrayal.

He then goes on a rampage, killing everyone he comes into contact with. He at this point begins to become hax-powerful, and rides around in a Death Star and, after that was destroyed, a Super Star Destroyer. He comes back down to Earth, and fights with Cobalt Metroid. After killing him, Cobalt possesses him. Jacen tries to retaliate, which meant killing himself. Cobalt then re-materializes.

Jacen then mind-controls Samus Aran, who had been in the Battle at the time, and has her guard him. Jacen clones himself for the first time, and his clone takes over a Sun Crusher. A battle between the Sun Crusher and the X Parasites takes place. He survived the destruction of the Solar System at the hands of The Baker, and continues fight/haxing. He haxes his way out of The Movie and schemes to take over the galaxy (BR:3:13).

The Baker, having turned into a bullfrog, vomits Jacen's mother all over his face, foiling his evil schemes (BR:3:14). He then eats the puke off of his own face and vomits it back at the Baker.



Jacen has a tendency to clone himself. These clones tend to suck, and are typically killed off quickly. The means he uses to do this vary, and sometimes no explanation is given whatsoever. No clone has ever become a significant part of the story, and merely act as fodder for the rest of the action.