The Gravychef is a minion spawned by The Chef to fight the B-Team. The ingredients:

1 Medium Jacen Clone, fresh 4 1/2 tons of Gravy 12 tsp Vinegar 1 Eye of Newt ?????? Profit!

His mind is controlled through food (EQ:2:13). He has no will other than the Chef's.



Unbeknownst to the B-Team, out of the gravy ocean came forth a dark figure. It was a Jacen clone, but not just any Jacen clone. It was a clone with the figure of The Chef himself. Gravychef, as he shall be known, has the power of the Spatula on his side... with it he punishes the remnants of earth and seeks out the infamous B-Team!

Involvement in the Epic Quest SagaEdit

The Great Epic QuestEdit

The Chef ordered him originally to merely punish the citizens of the Earth. Shortly afterward, he completed his true purpose by luring The B-Team to Cepialand by giving them MapQuest directions to the planet. Later, he succeeded in tying up The Baker and Jacen, putting them in the cargo ship that inevitably crashed, ultimately causing the Gravychef's death. During his brief lifespan, though, he also managed to fight against Samus and The Eggman, with varying amounts of success.

Abilities and Armaments:Edit

  • The Spatula: Possesses Chef's food-spawning powers.
  • Gravy: Can turn any part of his body into SUUPER gravy.