ChosenWaffle's epic depiction of a standard Glumling battlewarriorsoldierfightermachine.

Glumlings are goofy little gumball guys that graze gallantly in green grounds for gulping grass and go galloping for goopy gurgles in the great grand gumdrop kingdom.

They are also the biggest fans of alliteration.

Truthfully, though, they are the most elite warriors of the Glum Kingdom. They make war constantly with the Gleeish forces of darkness, and win an astounding 47% of the time.

They have no third dimension to their name, and are forced to walk sideways through the three-dimensional world that they envy. Wind is a problem, they've found, so they try to point their nothing side toward the wind whenever it starts a'gustin.

Take note of their prodigious chins. The more powerful a Glumling warrior is, the more vast his chins become.

The mother of all, THE LEGEND, was their mommy. From her all Glumermanders spawned, which eventually evolved into what we know and love today.

The beatstick on their backs is their most prized possession. It represents the Glumish way: square on top, DEATHANGLE on the bottom.

Involvement in Epic QuestEdit

It was Glumlings that were the cause of the destruction of The City at the end of Ye Olde Battle Royale. They have no other purpose than that. They trampled up that city with a mighty stampede of justice. All feared them for their power.