Formation Exodus is the final move that caused the Cataclysm and destroyed Abyss forever. The best way to describe it is to quote EQ2:1:1:

A bright pyrotechnic display fires off in the background as they charge at their common enemy. "Formation Exodus!" The being, caught off-guard, finds himself at the mercy of a finisher so delightfully inspiring it deserves its own paragraphs.
A bone-crushing swing from Guitar Hero's guitar sends him into the air, where a barrage of ChozoMufins detonates with city-leveling power, blasting him towards the ground. Jacen Solo's Force mastery suspends him in the air, lightning keeping him distracted as Guitar Hero flies skyward. "MufinMan! I need it now!" The Mufin man's greatest masterpiece, an Original Flavor ChozoMufin with Blueberries, glazed in a non-sticky sugar coating, is tossed skyward and caught by Guitar Hero as his guitars bond together. "Jacen! Your saber!" Guided by the Force, the lightsaber launches up beside Guitar Hero. The bonded guitars, the Mufin, and Jacen's saber all combine to reform the all-but-lost Ban-Hammer, the only tool with enough power to eliminate such a threat. The Demon had escaped its grasp earlier, but this time he had nothing to protect himself with.
Whether from the loss of his guitars, or the sheer weight of the hammer, Guitar Hero found himself falling toward the ground at unimaginable speed. His planning was precise, and the team's execution flawless. The Hammer hits its mark, and a blinding flash encompasses the entire universe.