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The compilation of all of the data on the Epic Quest Saga.

News[edit | edit source]

  • The site is coming along well. I (ChozoMufin) am going through the chapters, making comprehensive articles on everything in sequence. I'm doing summaries of the chapters plus all character articles and bios. Really any information that I run across and deem important I put on the wiki.
  • Check out the character pages; they now have infoboxes, which make them look really good.
  • You are all lazy. None of you write for your characters. That's OK. I'm doing them. I only ask that you write a brief description of yourself on your Author page. Click on the red link of your name and write something. I'll do all the data (characters, stats, etc.), but I want to leave the autobio to you guys.

What is Epic Quest?[edit | edit source]

Originally posted on the Metroid Clubhouse forum ([1]), the Epic Quest Saga began as a pointless RP battle, and grew into what it is today: a saga spanning six threads and hundreds of pages of text. Its plot lines are at times intricate, confusing, retarded, lugubrious, and random; and often a healthy mix of the five. If you want to join the Quest, you can join our forum and write yourself into the story. I suggest you familiarize yourself with current events before doing so, however.

I (ChozoMufin) am currently working on documenting / editing / fixing the entirety of the Saga, compiling it into a series of text documents. This text will eventually be available on the wiki, and our informational pages will be able to link directly to the individual posts they reference. Until then, we will provide notation citing our references, which can be easily looked up through the forum.

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Page Standards[edit | edit source]

This is the format for citing a post:

(EQ:2:7)(The Great Epic Quest, Page 2, Post 7)

This shows the section, page, and post of the citation. This is the list of the abbreviations for the various sections:

Look at the existing character pages and mimic their format as exactly as possible. I'll be doing a lot of cleanup, and any help is appreciated.

Silliness is encouraged, but try not to mar the layout of the site for the lolz. Try to keep sections, page names, links, and such uniform, and hide the silliness cleverly in the page. Jokes are more fun that way, anyways.

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