Chuck Norris makes several appearances (and deaths) in the Epic Quest Saga.

Involvement in The Epic Quest SagaEdit

Ye Olde Battle RoyaleEdit

    • Round house kicks everybody; this is the most probable cause of the Death Star's destruction. (BR:1:17)
    • His home is subsequently plasma-bombed by the Sun Crusher. (BR:1:18)
    • Takes part in the X-Sun Crusher battle, after being heralded by angels. He does MASSIVE damage on both sides, but is then killed precisely as he was in The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. He was then cloned by the X, and became their leader.

The Five Lost ChaptersEdit

    • Non-sequitur: appears, tries a round house kick, goes too far, and kicks himself, dying instantly. (BR2:4:15)
    • Was sent by the Governments of the World to destroy Godzilla (BR2:8:5) He was killed by Mr. Rogers. (Br2:8:6)