Small CraftEdit

Chem'ka SeriesEdit

  • Most current: Mk. III

The Chem'ka is "the Chozo's fastest, most powerful one man fighter, able to avoid incoming missiles with ease and take down cruisers by itself, if handled properly." (EQ2:8:1)

Yem-Shui SeriesEdit

The Yem-Shui series is a heavy assault transport. They have traditionally been approximately the size of a galleon, and are versatile enough to excel in combat, exploration, and freight roles. They are commonly employed by private parties as all-purpose spacefaring vessels, namely for their adaptability, convenient size, and defensive security. These factors are what made the design ideal for the B-Team's purposes, who require speedy, spacious, powerful transportation from place to place.

Some Examples of the Yem-Shui in Epic Quest:Edit




Looking up, the B-Team saw a massive, silver-brown ship with burnt orange plating. It was so huge, it blocked out the sun, and in an instant it was gone, and the MufinMan was gone with it.