The Chozo are a fictional race of advanced aliens borrowed from the Metroid series. The following description includes the base information established by Nintendo, but much has been added to their lore in the Epic Saga. For information in pure Metroid canon, see [[1]]

A Chozo Elder

Culture / HistoryEdit

Although their distant past seems to have been marked by violence and paganism, Chozo have been, for eons, a peaceful race. In the Epic Saga, the Chozo's religion is founded in Christian theology, although of course they did not at first have our scriptures. It is assumed that they received their own written revelation apart from humanity, in addition to obvious theological inferences gathered from study of the cosmos.

The Chozo were once a great empire, spreading across the cosmos. They brought enlightenment to every planet they touched, and planted the roots of civilization on uninhabited and populated worlds alike. Much of their architecture was created out of the native stone, and as such a large portion of their civilization is now in ruins. After the Cataclysm, the vast majority of the planets on which they had lived were destroyed. However, they managed to preserve their homeworld of Vyrna through the destruction of the first universe, making it the only known planet to survive the Cataclysm.

All Chozo were recalled to Vyrna before the universe's end, preserving the species. Much of their military forces were also docked at the planet, which made up the entirety of their martial strength during the Epic Saga. Their Ships are the most advanced in the known universe, rivaled only by those of the Deiterians.

Involvement with the B-TeamEdit

Samus Aran was raised by the Chozo, and it was from them that she received her Power Suit. The Baker, similarly, went through training under the Chozo's tutelage, although he was less of a son and more of a student.

The B-Team's vessels have mostly been of Chozo design, and more specifically of the Yem-Shui class. Beyond this, the Chozo have played a major role in the events of the Epic Saga during and following the Sequel.